In 2008, the University of Oxford launched the biggest fundraising campaign in European history, aiming to raise a minimum of £1.25 billion. We passed this initial target in March 2012 and the University has now set a new target of £3 billion. This represents, in the words of our Vice-Chancellor, ‘the essential down payment on the future aspirations and achievements of our University’.

Your gift can help us to:

  • support the very best students, especially those with the greatest potential who do not have the financial means to come to Oxford;
  • invest in our academic staff and their work, securing existing posts, endowing new ones and safeguarding the Oxford tutorial system;
  • provide new resources and infrastructure, from student accommodation to new academic buildings.

At a time of major change for UK higher education funding, the role of philanthropy is vitally important. Oxford needs to diversify income streams  and the Oxford Thinking Campaign is central to this strategy.

The challenge is great: we need help to secure the future of the University and, in doing so, provide a lasting foundation for our academics and students – a world-leading talented community that will continue to make a global impact for generations to come. Thank you for joining us in securing a better future.

Through the centuries, Oxford’s great minds have changed and bettered the world through their discoveries, innovations and insights

The Rt Hon Lord Chris Patten, Chancellor