Oxford Martin School

The Oxford Martin School was founded as the James Martin 21st Century School at the University of Oxford in 2005, through the vision and generosity of Dr James Martin. It is a unique interdisciplinary research initiative tackling global future challenges. In 2009, a $50 million matched funding challenge initiated by Dr Martin more than doubled the School’s size.

The School’s mission is to foster innovative thinking, interdisciplinary scholarship and collaborative activity to address the most pressing risks and realise important new opportunities of the 21st century. Its aims are delivered through two interconnected strategies:

  • Supporting research – the School funds and facilitates forward-looking interdisciplinary research to address 21st century challenges and opportunities.
  • Enhancing impact – the School fosters public engagement and impact-oriented initiatives that will influence policy and effect positive change on a global scale.

The School’s globally relevant research is clustered in four broad areas:

  • Technology & Society – Examining major demographic change, socio-economic drivers and impacts of new technologies
  • Ethics & Governance – Exploring new frameworks for analysing and addressing the ethical and management challenges of a complex and interconnected world
  • Energy & Environment – Advancing research on energy solutions, environmental science and biodiversity
  • Health & Medicine – Developing innovative technologies and approaches to health challenges of the future