Rothermere American Institute

The Rothermere American Institute is an international centre of excellence dedicated to the interdisciplinary and comparative study of the United States. Since its opening by President Bill Clinton in 2001, the Institute has provided a home in Oxford for students and scholars of American history, politics and culture.

The RAI was born of a vision – that Oxford University is ideally equipped to act as a cultural bridge between Europe and America and to help interpret the United States to the world. The RAI has already achieved much, but more ample resources are now needed if the vision of its founders is to be realised to the full.

Professor Sir John Elliott FBA, Regius Professor of History Emeritus, University of Oxford

Every year, the Institute hosts more than 100 seminars, workshops, conferences and lectures which attract leading scholars, students, policy-makers and public figures from around the world to debate and study the United States.

The Vere Harmsworth Library, housed within the Institute, has the finest academic collections in American history, politics and government outside the US.

The RAI has recently embarked upon a campaign to raise vital funds to ensure that the RAI’s activities have the widest possible academic and global public impact. Philanthropic support can help in the following key ways:

  • Endowing the Directorship to provide the RAI with exceptional leadership, strategic vision and entrepreneurial energy
  • Sustaining in perpetuity the RAI’s outstanding programme of events and ensuring that these engage an ever-wider audience
  • Augmenting the RAI’s commitment to graduate and post-doctoral research in American history, politics and literature by endowing studentships and fellowships in these fields

For more information about the RAI, its programme of events, and its fundraising campaign, visit