Graduate scholarships

Our graduate programmes are a vital linchpin of academic development, training the teachers and researchers of tomorrow.

They produce outstanding leaders in every sector - science, business, government, the arts - who enrich and enlighten our lives, and take on the greatest challenges of our times.

I am developing a new type of vaccine that has the potential to reduce or even halt the spread of malaria. Without my DPhil scholarship, this contribution to the fight against infectious diseases would have remained a dream.

Melissa Kapulu, Commonwealth Scholar, Jenner Institute

To continue to lead the world in this important endeavour, we need to provide the range and depth of support that will allow the world’s best students to complete graduate degrees at Oxford. In the face of government budget constraints and continuing turmoil in the global economy, the support of visionary benefactors is more important than ever.

On average, it costs approximately £31,000 per year to fund a graduate student in the Humanities and Sciences - £28,000 for home and European students, and £34,000 for non-EU overseas students. That figure rises sharply for graduates in medicine and the MBA programme. The University is seeking to provide full funding for every graduate student’s programme.

To fully support our graduate students we need an endowment of £2.5bn, providing £90m of support each year. But all gifts, of whatever size, are vital, as even the smallest donations can be amalgamated to create full scholarships.Every gift will make an impact. We invite you to join this life-changing endeavour.

The Oxford Graduate Scholarship Matched Fund

Help us support this vital initiative to provide scholarships and bursaries for graduate students