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The University of Oxford is committed to attracting the very best students from across the globe, to study and learn at all levels, regardless of background or circumstance. Through our resolve towards this goal, and as we look to the mechanisms to help us achieve means-blind admission in the longer term, funding is critical. In a global context of reduced public funding for higher education, we are more dependent upon the generosity and support of our alumni, friends and donors than ever before.

To date, many donors have enabled us to create significant scholarship schemes – at different levels of study, for students from different parts of the world to learn across all academic disciplines. As a University, we have also committed to funding general support, specifically at undergraduate and graduate levels, to ensure that all students, regardless of means, can reach their potential and benefit from Oxford’s unique resources and educational opportunities. As students build upon their individual academic excellence, drawing upon two of our greatest strengths – the collegiate and tutorial systems, support from visionary benefactors will encourage and nurture a truly multi-national and diverse student body.

How will the Oxford Thinking Campaign transform students at Oxford?

We will see a student body that is more diverse – in background, nationality, ethnicity and area of study – than ever before in Oxford’s history. This will be because of scholarship and access programmes made possible by the Campaign, and permanently sustained by our increased endowment. Our students will be the best and brightest from around the world, drawn to Oxford by its unique resources and educational experience – with no barriers of geography, financial hardship or community to block their way.

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