Case Study: Marc Gustafson, MPhil and DPhil Oriental Studies, US

Marc Gustafson is both a scholar and social entrepreneur. Marc graduated with highest honours from NYU and then came to Oxford and St John’s College as a Marshall Scholar.

His MPhil thesis examined the negative impact of American activism on the Darfur conflict.

Marc Gustafson (MPhil and DPhil Oriental Studies graduate)
Marc Gustafson

His doctoral research focuses on the downfall of political Islam in Sudan.

Marc is already a leader of note: at the age of just nineteen, he co-founded the non-profit organisation, Reach the World (RTW). Its goal is to improve the geographic skills of students from low income backgrounds.

Using online and satellite technology and volunteer travellers, it beams back images of local cultures, giving students true-to-life geography lessons.

So far, 15,000 students and 600 teachers have participated in RTW.

Marc’s international travels for RTW first inspired his academic work.

He is pursuing graduate studies to prepare for a career in foreign policy.

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