The Moritz-Heyman Scholarship Programme

At present, about one in 10 Oxford undergraduates come from families with incomes of below £16,000. Oxford already has one of the most generous undergraduate student support packages of any university in the country. Now, thanks to the Moritz-Heyman Scholarship Programme, Oxford has the potential to increase its support to those students from the lowest income households through both bursaries and fee waivers, totalling £11,000 a year.

The key aim of this new scholarship scheme is to improve social mobility. Starting in October 2012, 100 students from households with an income under £16,000 will receive a Moritz-Heyman scholarship. In addition, scholars will have access to outstanding internship opportunities in both the public and private sector at an appropriate point in their degree course. They will also be expected to undertake voluntary work to encourage the next generation of Oxford students from under-represented groups.

The total gift of £75m to Oxford will be made in three tranches of £25m. Each £25m will be matched by the equivalent of investment returns from £25m of the University’s own endowment, creating a total of £50m endowed funds. Michael and Harriet have set a challenge to the collegiate University and its supporters to match that £50m through further philanthropic support. Once a further £50m has been raised, another £25m will be released. This process will happen three times over, until the full £75m has been donated, creating £300m available for undergraduate support. scaling up to over 300 students Once the terms of the Challenge have been completed, it is anticipated there will be over 300 Moritz-Heyman Scholars at Oxford.

Why is further support needed?

With nearly 1,000 students from families whose income is below £16,000, the support needed is considerable. Beyond Moritz-Heyman Scholars, there are some 700 students who need financial support in this group and a further 1,500 students who need some form of assistance as their family income is between £16,000 and £46,500. You can help make a difference today and for generations to come by supporting the collegiate University and making a donation today. 

Please help us to meet that challenge by making a donation.