Widening access

The University of Oxford is committed to attracting the brightest and the best students, irrespective of background or circumstance. However, highly able students from some social, economic and ethnic groups in the UK may be less likely to apply for our undergraduate programmes, owing to a variety of complex social and economic misconceptions or barriers. Working with young people from backgrounds which are not traditionally associated with Oxford, the University seeks to raise the aspirations and achievements of a wide range of talented students.

The initiatives undertaken by the University to improve access have been decisive in transforming the opportunities available to me and many of my fellow students.

Ryan Kemp, St Peter’s College

Oxford currently offers a range of opportunities to experience the University firsthand, through pioneering outreach programmes such as the UNIQ Summer Schools and the Oxford Young Ambassadors scheme. These initiatives are designed to raise the aspirations of young people from under-represented groups towards higher education. We want to ensure that the most talented students are motivated to reach their potential at Oxford, with no social, financial or geographic barriers impeding them.

Never has this message been more important than in today’s straitened economic times. In order to quell the financial concerns which might deter students from applying to Oxford, the University’s wide range of outreach and widening access activities are crucial in demystifying Oxford and addressing financial concerns at the very point at which students make decisions about entering higher education.

Please join us in expanding and enhancing our widening access programmes and activities. In doing so, you will be helping to raise the aspirations of talented young people and giving them unique insights into what the University can help them to achieve.