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Oxford moves the world forward, yet today's undergraduate and graduate students pursue academic excellence under increasing economic pressures. Help us ensure that we can support more bright young minds by supporting this year's University Annual Fund.

Sharing knowledge for the common good remains the impetus for Oxford's academic community. We're dedicated to nurturing and developing the best and brightest people, regardless of background, encouraging them to continue to drive forward discoveries, innovations and insights.

We want every student, with the necessary ability and potential, to be able to share Oxford's inestimable resources. With your help we can make this a reality by providing more financial support to those students who most need it.

In today's challenging funding environment, an undergraduate student beginning their studies this term can expect to spend over £50,000 before they graduate to cover tuition fees and living costs.

student cost steps

We are already doing much to help alleviate this pressure. New bursary schemes such as the Moritz-Heyman undergraduate scholarships are a vital part of this increased support package but we need to go further. That's why we need your help.

For graduate students the costs of pursuing further study are often unaffordable which is why we are committed to providing more fully-funded graduate scholarships. On average, it costs approximately £31,000 per year to fund a graduate student in the Humanities and Sciences. That figure rises sharply for graduates in medicine and the MBA programme. This is why the University is seeking to provide full funding for every graduate student’s programme but we can only do this with your help.

Graduate funding gap

Any gift you can make, of any size, will make a difference to the life of an Oxford student. Please join with us now to support Oxford's students today, and for the future. Please support today's students with a donation.