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Matched Fund

Fully-funded graduate scholarships ensure Oxford attracts the very best graduate students from across the world, regardless of their financial circumstance.

  • Access to a graduate education is more important than ever, given its potential to enhance career prospects both outside academia and within.
  • The most frequent reason given for why graduate offer holders turn down their Oxford place is lack of funding.
  • Many leading universities abroad provide full funding for all PhD students; at Oxford, only 60 percent of doctoral students enjoy this security.
  • Graduate scholarships are a strategic priority for Oxford and the University has launched a matched fund to provide joint funding with donors to create fully-funded scholarships.

A time-limited opportunity

This opportunity allows donors to maximise the potential of their gift by matching it with University funds, on a ratio of 60:40, Donor:University, substantially increasing the value and impact of their gift.

The University has designated £40m for the Matched Fund, which will be held within the Oxford University Development Trust, and be available to match with donor funding for a period of five years, until July 2017. Scholarships may be endowed in a particular academic division or in a college.

The impact of Graduate Scholars

Graduate students are the engine of research in our laboratories, libraries and seminars. They make an essential contribution, and go on to play important roles in the worldwide economy and society, leading the way in their fields and pushing frontiers of knowledge.

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