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What is the Campaign?

Oxford Thinking is the name of the University of Oxford's fundraising campaign, which was launched in 2008 with the aim of raising a minimum of £1.25 billion. Since passing this initial target in March 2012, the University has now set a new target of raising £3 billion across the collegiate University.

As a unified, collegiate effort, the Campaign celebrates and appreciates gifts to each and every constituent element of the diverse institution that is the University of Oxford.

Where will the money go?

A programme of priorities has been developed by colleagues across the collegiate University, based on their identified academic priorities and strategic vision. These are grouped into three main areas of equal importance:

Each part of the collegiate University (the colleges, divisions, department, library system etc.) have their own priorities within those areas.

How can I give?

You can support any part (or parts) of the University of Oxford that you wish.

There are many different ways to give, information on which is available on the how to donate page.

Will I be able to decide how my gift is used?

Yes, it's entirely up to you to decide where your gift might go within the University of Oxford. If you have particular desires or requirements, any member of the Development Team will be pleased to give you further advice and information on how to support what matters to you, but ultimately the choice is yours.

Conversely, if you'd like to support the University but have no strong feelings as to how to do so, there are more general Campaign goals which you can support, such as scholarships or bursaries.

How will my gift be recognised?

This depends in part upon the value of the gift, and upon on your own wishes. A member of the Development Team can help you consider what your options might be.

We have a system of common standards of recognition and stewardship of gifts at all levels, which you are free to opt out of. If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, or to make the gift in memory of a loved one or colleague, this can be arranged.

We can also arrange sponsorship agreements with corporations and commercial organisations

Against £3 billion, how can my gift of £100 make a difference?

Some of our Campaign priorities are ambitious and exciting in their scale and cost; perhaps even daunting. But there are opportunities at all levels of giving – for example, a college prize or travel award. You can also contribute, if you wish, to general Campaign themes such as scholarships or bursaries, whereby funds will be built up that can make a genuine difference to individual students at Oxford in years to come.

What is the size of Oxford's student population?

There are around 21,000 students at Oxford, including 11,750 undergraduates and 9,620 postgraduates.

How much is Oxford's endowment at present?

In the 2010/11 fiscal year, the University's endowment stood at £856 million, with combined college endowments reaching £2.866 billion.

How does Oxford manage its investments?

The University has an Investment Committee to manage its endowment, which has been chaired by Richard Oldfield, Chief Executive of investment management company Oldfield Partners, since 2007. Four other investment professionals have since joined the committee as members: Sir Ronald Cohen, Francis Finlay, George Robinson, and Anne West.

What is the role of the colleges in the Campaign?

A gift will count as progress towards the Campaign target whether it is made to a college, to a department, or jointly supports both. Many colleges are, or will be, implementing their own campaigns which sit within the collegiate University's overall Campaign activities.

How can I help my college?

Each college has its own fund-raising priorities; these may include new buildings and facilities, student funding, and preservation projects.

Your college will be able to accept gifts directly, or you can make your donation through the Campaign and designate it for your college.

As a non-alumnus, why should I give to the University of Oxford?

The University of Oxford is a world-leading organisation in a wide range of academic disciplines. Whatever your area of interest is, it's highly likely that it's being taught, practised or researched somewhere within the University.

How can I find something to give to?

The Divisions page would be a good place to start. Alternatively, you may wish to get in touch with the Development Team to discuss more specific requirements you may have.

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