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Means tested

The need – key facts and figures.

  • Around a quarter of Oxford UK/EU Undergraduates receive some form of means-tested financial support.
  • Almost 1,000 of Oxford's Undergraduates come from families below the poverty threshold in the UK (household income is below £16,000).
  • Oxford Undergraduates receive maintenance bursaries towards their living costs based on their financial circumstances. This helps with start-up costs (for example purchasing a laptop, books and a bike), their living costs (accommodation, travel and meals) and reducing the level of loans (and ultimately debt) they need to take on.

For UK and EU students

The University seeks to be accessible to all undergraduates who have financial needs and gifts are vital in supporting this broad mission.

In 2018-19, Oxford has one of the most generous no-strings attached financial support packages for UK and EU undergraduates from the lowest income households. The lowest-income students receive support through bursaries and fee reductions totalling around £20,000 over three years.

Your support could provide financial assistance to students from lower-income/underrepresented backgrounds within the UK/EU according to specific priorities to enable them to participate fully in student life without financial constraints.

For international students

Students from outside the EU pay higher tuition fees and many highly talented people cannot accept their offer of study without fully-funded undergraduate scholarships. You can help in the following ways:

  • A commitment of around £53,000 a year can provide a fully funded undergraduate scholarship for an international student on a three or four year degree who requires financial support.*
  • Gifts which do not support a full scholarship will be pooled to provide a fully-funded scholarship for an international undergraduate to ensure they are able take up their place of study.
  • £1.23m would endow a full international undergraduate scholarship, with a single scholar on course at any time.

It is understood that donors may have different preferences, perhaps related to subject areas, regions of the world or particular colleges and departments, and these can be discussed.

*Please note these costs do not include clinical medicine for which the costs are higher.

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